Monday, August 2, 2010

Makeover Monday # 4

We've been doing Makeover Monday for a month now!

You would think I could say something like ... & I've lost 10 pounds!!

Not quite.

Today, I'm back at 152.5 .... where my body is comfortable.

This week, I've done a bad job of eating regular meals which means that when I do finally eat, I overeat. Bad news.

I do have some good news though!! I signed up for a 5k so I'm working hard toward that goal of 3.1 miles & I'm actually enjoying it. I know that s0me people are like oh, it's just a 5k but for me, it means two things: A challenge & getting into running again.

I went to the doctor for my ear infection last week & like every time, I had to be weighed & like every time, I hated it. My doctor said of course that I'm not over weight but if I want to lose weight that running is the best way to do it. He said it burns the most calories for the time spent doing it. So there ya go. I'm running again & the 5k I'm doing?? It's at the Greek Festival in Indianapolis in one month. I LOVE the Greek Festival!

Running this week has made me feel better about myself. It's one of those things like, yeah I may be a little heavier than I wanna be, but I just carried my ass 2 miles quickly & I'm proud of that. Like usual, I lifted & did some abs.

Can you tell?
Thanks to a bad break one time, my left calf will always be bigger than the other. Yeah, my legs are the problem area. Hence the running.

I wanted to teeth whiten this week but instead I just got dressed up a few times which is more than enough to make me feel pretty. Oh, and I got a couple super cute dresses like this one.

Cute dresses always make me feel good, don't they you??

Guess what else I did this week? I made an appointment with my therapist for Wednesday evening. With moving to school so soon & Drew leaving for 2 weeks on sunday (omg), I just think it would be good to talk to her. It's been almost 6 months so it will be good to catch up with her.

10 points for making a good decision for mental health. ha!

These last two weeks I just want to focus on taking my anxiety medicine right (which means more than you may know) & running to prepare for this 5k. Ironically the more I run, the better I feel physically & the better I feel physically, the better I feel mentally.

How are you doing this week? Better yet? How are you feeling?

I realized today that I should give The Heir to Blair some credit for her Mc Fatty Mondays! I was inspired by her to start these "Makeover Monday" blog posts but I titled it something different because I didn't want them to be all about weight but about a total makeover.

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