Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I've Arrrived!

That's right ... I've arrived at college and I made it through leaving home, moving in & my parents leaving without one single tear.

Look how cute my dorm room is!!

I seriously worked my ass off for this.

I'm here a week early for AOC (Ambassadors of Change), a week of volunteering and learning about "servant leadership." The schedule is absolutely GRUELING. 8:00 - 10:30. Today our schedule went something like this:

1.) Got up & did a youtube workout which was Fabulous. Got ready, ate breakfast & went to the first meeting spot.
2.) Headed outside for the morning wake-up game, Sharks & Minnows.
3.) Talked about the 5 Elements of service & built a model home out of paper, playdough, pipe cleaners & a little bit of tape.
4.) Had some small group time. Played games.
5.) Had a luncheon with a lady from a senior activity center
6.) 15 minute brake
7.) Went to the BU farm & dug holes
8.) Went to a park & cleaned.
6.) 25 minute break, jumped on buses and went to roller-skate with mentally disabled people. SO FUN!
7.) Had 2 hours of tournaments (basketball, volleyball, Jenga & puzzles)
8.) Now I'm in bed writing.

So needless to say, it's pretty crazy & although there hasn't been time to do a legit workout, I haven't needed to. All of this work is enough.

I'm feeling pretty awesome about my choice to be involved with AOC and my Butler choice in general. All of the people here are so nice and willing to answer any questions we have. I see so many opportunities for me to get involved and to really just have fun and meet awesome people. Which is what college is all about, right? ha well ... I'll make sure I have time to study too.

Since I've only seen Drew for 4 hours in the last 2 weeks, I'm in desperate need of a boy fix but I'm pretty sure we both feel the same so it's so far, so good on that front.

Oh and guess what?? I'm not even homesick!! I know, crazy.

I'll keep you updated on the college life just please? do me a favor?



Anonymous said...

I'm going to be living vicariously through you as you experience college because I MISS THOSE DAYS! I made the mistake of not getting involved at all and staying holed up in my room for the majority of my 5 years at school. I'm sad about that now, and glad that you are participating in things!

Ali said...

Brittany, I love it!! I'm sure Ill be writing a lot & you can do just that. It makes me feel good that at least someone is reading my writing. I wish you wrote more often!! I love your blog too!

Unknown said...

Ali, I totally agree with Brittany! Your pictures and stories are making me sentimental for a time that I didn't even have! And who cares about the freshman 15?!? You have the rest of your life to worry about crap like that! Have fun!!!!!