Saturday, August 21, 2010

The First Week at BU!

This first week has been a total rollercoaster of emotion. One minute I'm so pumped to be in college and the next minute I'm exhaustingly freaked out and sad. It's crazy how it happens but I think it's pretty normal.

However, I'm SO glad that I did Ambassadors of Change so that I was able to come to campus a week early, get used to the layout and meet a lot of really cool people. While everyone else is having their periods of rollercoaster-ing, maybe I'll be done? maybe.

This last week was absolutely crazy! We worked our butts off but although I'm beat today, it didn't seem like we were really working that hard when we were doing it. We helped a lot of people but we had a blast! I met a bunch of really awesome girls.

Now it's time for Orientation week! Time for socials, freakingoutaboutclasses, partying and on Wendesday, Classes!

I'll let you know when I get my first syllabus & I'm more than likely having an emotional breakdown. You know.

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Jason said...

I miss college life. Might do the whole "college" thing but it's gonna be different to be married.

Keep writing, you will love looking back on your experiences.

Love the blog!

The iHubby