Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So Lucky!

I have been inspired by, Lauren from Texas to write about my blessings, which are truly abundant!

First of all, I have a great boyfriend. Sure, we have our differences and today was no exception but it was only when I really began to think about it that I was taken aback by how supportive and loving he always is. Also, is it all guys or just mine who are able to be nonjudgmental and nice to everyone they meet? Either way, I'm Lucky and I know it!

Yeah, this is a really old picture but it's still one of my favorites!

Also, I have been able to hang out with one of my oldest, best friends a lot lately and nothing is better than a girlfriend who is exactly the same this year as she was five years ago when we went to the same school. I swear, we could go a whole year without seeing eachother and still pick right back up where we left off. Our nicknames for each other never get old and she is the one girl I'm never embarrassed to say anything to, always understands and is ALWAYS fun!

So, this probably isnt the most flattering picture of either of us ... Well, I know its not, but it definitely explains our relationship!

Third, I honestly dont know how I got this lucky ... I already have a room-mate for next year at college and shes literally awesome! Here are some cool things about her/us ...

  • We're both named Alexandra (that has to be good luck right there)
  • ... but she goes by Toogie, so we will never get mixed up
  • She's from Florida
  • She's a Dancer
  • We both like watching Gilmore Girls re-runs
  • We both like Kings of Leon and are going to the concert together (9/2010)
  • She's Super cute!
  • We have both agreed that the freshman 15 WILL NOT devour us and are going to workout together as much as possible.

... Did I mention that this girl is going to be my ROOMIE? .... or that we met totally on a whim when I was visiting the school and she was auditioning for the dance program? Yeah ... THANK YOU LORD!

Well ... This is not really her, but it could be. I decided it would be better to wait and post one of the million pictures we will undoubtedly take during our first year of roomies than to pull on off of her facebook.

If you're reading this Toogs, I can't wait for our first year as roomies! Is the school ready for this??

The boyfriend, oldest best friend, and new roomie are the biggest things on my mind right now but I still have some things that deserved to be honorably mentioned so it goes:

  • Warmer weather
  • Training 2 boys and seeing their progress
  • Stress free end of senior year
  • Abundant babysitting jobs
  • Good neighbors
  • Fun friends
  • An amazing mama
  • My Mizuno tennis shoes which make my feet feel uh-mazing
  • Ann Taylor Shorts
  • ... and lastly, a great bed that is calling my name ...



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