Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The truth about weight loss

It's hard because food is good.

The end. See ya. Bye.

Alright, alright, I have a little more to say than that, but basically it's that. I mean, when you have a lot of weight to lose, it's easy to change a few habits and say hasta la vista to a lot of weight because your body is freaking out that you're actually treating it right for once. But, when you're like me & have twenty stupid pounds to lose, it's hard. Twenty seems like a lot, but really it's only about 1/7 of my body weight and it's not enough for my body to just start tossing weight to the sides when I change a little bit. No. I have to change a lot

Two weeks ago, I did a no cheese, no white flour & no sugar diet. It worked fabulously. I lost about six pounds that week. 

But then our seasonal-only, locally-amazing, mexican restaurant opened down the street and, okay this is one of those exceptions I make.

And then the Luke Bryan concert happened and Limaritas just found their way into my mouth. seriously, I don't know how.

But, at the wine festival I didn't have any wine, only half of a beer and I got a salad instead of a burger. I didn't think having sweet potato fries on the side would be a huge deal, but here I am two pounds heavier after all that. 

Like, I feel like I've tried to make decent decisions ... bad lunch? healthy dinner. Beer? Salad. You know? I try to make it balance out. & I wasn't doing that before

But no ... my body is like, listen Ali ... you go big or we're goin' home. And usually it goes home.

Do you find that you have to get super crazy to lose weight or is this just me being stupid?

I really want to get these twenty pounds off because I'm happier that way & frankly, at 21 I shouldn't be carrying around 20 extra pounds.

Here's two pictures for comparison 
I was 15 in the first one ... spare me your judgements please! 




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Melissa said...

I know you've talked about this here and there before but I just wanted to say: good for you for WHATEVER you are doing. Seriously, for everything. So many people complain endlessly about their weight or how they dislike their body, then do nothing to change it. At least you're moving forward!