Saturday, January 26, 2013

A letter in the mail.

Sometimes (I hate to admit this) I get bored and look at the Twitter handles of some high school students I know and I'm legitimately scared and sad about how mean and hateful those kids are. It never fails that any time I look at those, there's some kind of fight going on & one person is getting picked on by a bunch of others. It makes me sad when I start to wonder where true friendships have gone. Ones that aren't based on drugs or "hating the same people". I mean, I know I have a lot of true friends but it's taken a lot of work and time. I wonder if most other people will ever value that kind of a friendship and if not, how sad must their lives be?

This morning, I was sitting in the living room and my mom walked in with a card saying a man my granddad has been friends with since they were little boys sent him a Christmas card last year and she never got around to sending him a letter to let him know how Granddad was doing but this year, when the man's Christmas card came, she found the time to send him a letter. Not long after she sent that letter, a card came back in the mail that was bright green and colored with flowers and said, "Wishing you Well". This is what it said on the inside ...

Dear Deborah,

I was very pleased to hear from you bringing one up to date on your dad. I know first hand what he is going through as I am in the first stages of about the same thing. 
I'm very sorry I wasn't able to spend more time with Neil when he was back in SC for a short time but it was because I was having cancer problems. 
I assume your dad has told you about the terrible World War II we both survived. Maybe by the grace of the almighty we are still around.
Tell Neil (N.B) ( I always called him and said hello) and I'll keep him in my prayers.

Your friend, 

ps. I am a few weeks older than Neil. Birth 1-30-23. I will be 90 this year.


It's little things like this that help remind me what good friendship looks like and what kind of a friend I want to be, even though it seems people who value those same things are so few and far between.

I hope when I'm 90 I'm still checking in on my best friends even when I'm sick and can't remember things.


Morgan said...

That's amazing! - Morgan

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