Friday, October 5, 2012

Starbucks and Walks and Friends and Pedicures.

I woke up feeling a little blue this morning; you know, not crying but just kinda blah and maybe a little sad. But? I've had the largest dose of sad I want to have for a very, very long time & I'm to the point where I will do anything to make that sad go away and fast.

So, I pulled out a book I've been reading on and off for awhile, God Never Blinks, because it's always good to remind myself that seriously? God doesn't make mistakes and he doesn't miss a thing.

And when I pulled it out, just as I expected would happen, I randomly flipped open to exactly the page I needed.

Lesson 25: No One Else Is In Charge Of Your Happiness. You Are The CEO Of Your Joy.

and while I was reading, I came along a couple quotes that I plan on memorizing and reminding myself of constantly ...

"Figure out what makes you happy and choose it, every day."

and ...

"Right here and now, choose happiness. When you find yourself stuck in a mood you don't want to be in, ask yourself: What would a happy person do right now? Practice being happy. Act as if you are."

So as soon as I finished reading, I started making a mental list of the things a happy person would do, the things a happy me would do, the things that simply make me happy. 

I decided I'd share it with you:

My Happy List:
- Working Out
- Going to Starbucks
- Going for a walk
- Listening to loud, happy music
- Dancing
- Hanging out with friends
- Boutique Shopping
- Getting a Pedicure
- Writing
- Photography
- Reading a good book
- Crafting
- Volunteering
- Hanging out with my mom
- Getting dressed up
- Taking a bath
- Calling a friend
- Planning a trip
- Being Outside
- Painting my nails/getting my nails done
- Pinteresting 
- Doing a random act of kindness for a friend

I suggest you make a list of things that make you happy too so that whenever you're feeling blue or sad or just not content, you can pick something off that list that will help you reach the destination of happiness.

 Happiness is a choice & it's up to use to choose it, every single day.


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