Saturday, March 24, 2012

Practicing Grace.

This is a bit of a blurbish-post. I haven't thought it out, haven't picked any pictures to match just oh so perfectly & haven't crafted the perfect ending. It's a Saturday, so I doubt many people will read, but this is on my mind - an experience I had last week. So I think I'll share & I hope it means something to someone.

Well, ever since going to Jamaica, I've been trying to think about things more. Do things with more intention and less thoughtless action. And one of those things I've been trying to pay attention to is being snippy.

I come by it naturally - my sarcastic, snippy humor - but most of the time, it's not nice and it's sometimes not even that funny. And also sometimes? It's at other people's expense.

It's true, there are people who are kind of annoying, kind of stinky, kind of odd, kind of .... everything. And that can be frustrating.

I don't even remember what happened the other day but I think I was sitting next to a kid in the cafeteria who really stunk & I quickly thought to myself, "seriously dude, you are 20. I know you have to be able to smell yourself ... shower!"

And then I thought of something I'm not sure I've ever thought before ... that person was made by God. God specifically crafted that person to be who they are & they are his artwork. So who am I to ever condemn or make fun of God's art?

So,  I'm going to work on it. When someone is saying something in class that's super outlandish or chewing their gum so loud I want to rip my ears off, I'm going to remember that he or she is God's child and I should practice some grace.

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