Friday, March 2, 2012

Inexpensive Awesomeness

I wasn't sure how yesterday's post about God vs. Religion would go. While I was writing it, I thought it was either going to be a flop and no one was going to comment or it was going to be a total hit. I think it's safe to say it was a hit.

Thank you for all the comments and ideas you left on the post. I was thankful for two reasons. First of all, I really wanted some input on the debate. I wondered if I was the only person who felt that way and all of your comments told me I'm not - thanks for that. And, your comments told me that every once in awhile, I can write something deep that comes from my heart & you won't just like it, you'll comment on it too! That's really good to know. Afterall, that's why I'm here - to write things from my heart.

But, I promised a light airy post today and when I make a promise I keep it. So even though I'll be doing more in-depth posts from now on ... it's all fun & games today.

Three awesome, inexpensive things:


Okay listen girls, I'm a makeup conniseur. I spend a dumb amount of money and time at Sephora and I love to try new things. Even when I find the best mascara, I'm still looking for something that And I've tried a helluvalot of lipglosses/condtioners. I've tried everything from the most expensive to the least and nearly every single one in between. And what I've found? Is that no lipgloss is ever going to be better than a $2 tube of Blistex. Seriously. Blistex makes my lips feel like heaven and I can wear it on its own as gloss or over lipstick to tone it down a little. I think I'll stop looking for something better now. Well, maybe not. But, I can promise that the Blistex will be tucked safely in my purse while I'm looking.

Old Navy Bathingsuits

I haven't had an Old Navy bathingsuit in a few years because the Old Navy in town closed and frankly, I don't shop there often. But last week, I popped in & it just so happened they had bathingsuits and I needed one or five. I tried them on anddd they fit just like a charm - like they always had. I mean honestly, I've never found that flattering bathingsuits (in adorable colors) for the Old Navy price. I'm in love.

Baby Powder

Alright ya'll, I've been running lately and like sometimes I try to eat half-way healthy but apparently it hasn't done much good because when I'm wearing a skirt, my thighs are about to catch fire they're rubbin' so hard. Hence the need for baby powder. Pour it on those puppies and it's silky smooth central. I'm tellin you. It's a god send for girls with chunky thighs like me. Or? is your hair a little greasy? Or a lot greasy?? Well just pour the baby powder right in your roots and soak the grease up. There are probably some good uses I'm missing here but these two are alone to pick up a cheap little bottle of baby powder on your next trip to CVS.

If you hate things that are awesome and inexpensive then I'm sorry, you probably won't enjoy these things. But if you're like me and love awesome inexpensive things, you should go pick these up like ASAP.

You're welcome.


Leah Halcomb said...

totally with you on the old navy suits --I still have one from like 7th grade with zebra stripes and pink :) My faveee!!

Lisa said...

Ali, somehow you found me on instagram and I've been periodically reading your blog. LOVED yesterday's. I'm a Jesus lover myself and truly if you follow him with all your heart everything else will fall into place, we don't need denominations to tell us how to worship :). Thanks for sharing all your thrifty finds, I'll have to check out Old Navy!!