Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Revelation

I posted on Young & Restless' Facebook page last night saying I had, had a serious revelation and I was going to talk about it on the blog today.

It may not be as earth shattering to you as it is to me. Because to me, it's a big deal, people. 

Last night, as I turned on my car I heard "Friends in Low Places" on the radio. It's a song that brings back memories of one helluva' wedding reception where everyone was singing and dancing & I can't help myself but sing along every time it comes on.

And as I was listening it hit me, the man I marry is going to be one who can sing at the top of his lungs with me (so he has to know the words to all the good old country stuff & 70's & 80's rock) and dance along too.

I'm seriously never as happy as I am when a good song comes on and makes me belt out the words and dance like a crazy woman, so the person I marry is going to have to be able to do it too. And love it.

With that said, I'm leaving you with a playlist of a few of the songs that never fail to get me singin' and dancin'



Stacy said...

That's precious!

But don't be locked in to that...the man of MY dreams corrects me when I sing the wrong words to all the songs I belt out at the top of my lungs!! :))

Wait...what?? It's NOT Dancing in the Streets??? It's Sheets? Really?? Wow. That changes everything!

But I still sing it wrong. And he still corrects me. Usually with an eye roll. But it works for us! :)

Krystal said...

Very cute! You'll have to start hanging out at karaoke bars. That song is like a karaoke favorite by many attractive men! ;) Hahaha

Summer-Raye said...

Awe thats cute!!!

follow each other?