Friday, January 13, 2012


Well here I am, the day after not being accepted to any of the sororities I wanted & I can honestly say I'm fine. I woke up to seven Facebook messages this morning and I'd be lying if I said I didn't tear up reading some of them but for the most part, I'm fine.

One of the reasons I'm so fine? Is because of all the support I got yesterday from everyone. People seriously came out of the woodwork in support & I couldn't be more thankful for that.

If you left a comment, texted me, called me, Facebooked or Tweeted me ... thank you so much. Your words helped me get through what was a very sad, trying day. 

I also had great friends here at Butler who were amazing yesterday.

Ashley went through the exact same thing last year so she knew how I felt and I didn't feel the least bit embarrassed crying for most of the day. Luckily, since we were in the same recruitment group, we had made a plan to wait for each other, who ever got called second, just down the hall. When I got the news, I asked the recruitment counselor to go get Ashley & she was right there with me the whole time. Thank God for that.

Drew came over immediately and talked about how he hated sorority girls anyway and was okay with me crying too. That was awesome.

And yesterday, Ashley's amazing boyfriend, Erik, made a plan that we should all go bowling last night because we needed to get out. I seriously love him. Like, I'm already praying they get married & they've only been dating a few weeks but anyway ... Ashley, Erik, our friend Andy & me all went bowling last night and that really cheered me up. We had a lot of fun.

It's the best feeling to see all these people coming out of no where in support of me when I was going through a rough time. It's an even better feeling to know that any time I'm having a cloudy day, which is inevitable, I'll have tons of people around.

Thank you again. Really. It means the world.

Ashley & I before rush yesterday.



Unknown said...

Ohhh nooo! I know how bad you wanted this, Ali! I am very sorry. Disappointment of any kind is always a horrible feeling. I wanna give you a great big hug... right now! Pretend. XoooooooooooXo!

I'm so glad you had a wonderful support team. It really sucks because again, I know how bad you wanted it. You can hear "I hate soroity girls" over and over again, but it doesn't make it better when you really wanted it. So I'm just going to stick with, That Sucks & Screw the ones who picked the ladies.
Don't give up on it though. There is always next year! Never run from what you want. :)

Carley Woodard said...

Ali, you are such an awesome girl! Keep your chin up!

Brianna Renee said...
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Bri said...

aww, i'm sorry to hear sad news but on the bright side things always tend to happen for a reason so who knows what exciting opportunities this year holds :)

Sarah B. said...

I hope bowling lifted your spirits a bit, Ali. Heck, the fact that you get to wear those neon bowling shoes is reason enough to smile. ;) Hang in there, girl!