Thursday, December 1, 2011

What I love about me.

In case you were wondering, yes, I realize how conceited the title of this post sounds but we all find things we don't like about ourselves all the time ... too heavy, too thin, hips are too big, hips are too small, boobs are huge, boobs are tiny ... You know what I'm talking about. 

It's so easy to find things we don't like about ourselves but I think finding the things we love about ourselves is really important. After all, confidence is the prettiest trait one can have, I think.

Glamour has a section in the magazine every issue about what people like most about themselves. It's one of my favorite parts, actually. 

An african american girl says her favorite trait is her hair and she has a head full of tightly curled locks, or a chinese girl says her favorite trait is the almond shape of her eyes. 

I mean really, it's important to take those traits that could be seen as weird or different and embrace their uniqueness. It's important to love yourself for the things you have instead of the things you don't.

So, I often think of my favorite part of me ... my hands.

Hands are something I look at on everyone ... I even find big, strong hands really attractive on men. 

& I really like mine.

When I was little, I had really chunky hands and I hated them & dreamed of the day they'd be skinny & yes, veiny, like my mom's. They're finally getting there! How weird is it that I love the veins in my hands? I do. 

The other thing I love about my hands? They hold my Nana's 2 rings, I never take them off. This mirror messes my look up a little but the diamond one sits on my right hand & the silver one sits on my left. The silver one, is one Nan wore every day & I asked her for when I was little. I would've never done that when I got older so I'm glad I asked when I did. The diamond one was Nan's great-grandmother's. I never saw her wear it & didn't even know she had it, but a few days before she died, she gave it to me. It was such a surprise. 

My hands get calloused and veiny when I've had a really good workout, they're what pat little baby bottoms to sleep & hold the hands of people I love. My hands do so much for me & they're beautiful & they're mine.

What do you love about you? I'd love to know! 



Tracy @ Honey and Nutmeg said...

My face because I have very high cheek bones. I also have a unique nose that is just perfect for my face. I used to hate my nose because I thought there was a bump along the bridge, now I LOVE it. I also love my blue eyes that look especially bright with the right eye shadow. Plus blue eyes and dark hair is unique! LOVE this post ALI!

Stacy @ Cardigans and Crayons said...

You do have great hands!

I like my eyelashes! I will never forget that one time a guy asked me what my favorite trait about myself was, and I said eyelashes, and he was like, "that's not even a trait." but it totally is. And mine brush my sunglasses lenses and I love that!! :)

Stacy @

Jill said...

Ali- you are just fabulous! I love this post! As for me, I love my eyes. They're blue but change colors sometimes when I wear greens or grays. :)

mamamandolin said...

I've always kind of disliked my hands but have learned to accept them haha! They're super wrinkley and look like grandma hands!

I love my freckles. They cover pretty much every inch of me, I even have them in between my toes and on the inside of my fingers. They make me unique and actually hide blemishes really well haha!

Casey said...

I love this post!!!! I am right there with you on the whole hand thing!!!! I love my blue eyes and my nose!!