Monday, December 19, 2011

It's me, Ali, blogging from the grave.

Bet you didn't think there was internet service 6 ft. below ground, huh? 

Ya learn something new every day, folks.

When I left Butler for winter break, I was determined to start working on my health. 

It's suh-oooooo much easier to lay in the dorm room and hang out with Ashley than go to the gym and if you've ever seen a college cafeteria? Well, your arteries would probably start clogging at the sight.

Pizza, sandwiches, fries and cookies are usually the main things on the menu.

So, not only was I out of shape, but I also didn't like anything healthy. I'm not kidding. I'd see healthy food and turn my nose up at the sight. If it wasn't fried and golden or covered in cheese, it wasn't happening. 

It was time for a serious change.

The night I got home from school, I asked mom to include broccoli in our meal and ever since then I've been really conscious about what I've been eating. except yesterday 

And last Wednesday, my friend Addison & I started being hardcore gym rats.

I already have a gym membership but they don't have TRX so I joined another gym for only $20 for the month and it's the nicest one in town.

I like to workout but I do get tired of the same old, same old & lately, classes are the only thing that has motivated me. 

So I decided to get the gym membership simply for the TRX. 

Don't know what TRX is?? It's two suspended straps and you either put one in each hand and lean back to do rows or chest, or turn around and lean on it to do push ups and squat thrusts, or put your feet in the straps and lay on your back and do hip thrusts for your hamstrings. It's intense.

Addison and I have been going every day to the classes and TRX has been hard but I could use a harder workout so tonight, I decided to do spinning before TRX.

And then? We had a new guy teaching.


So we had to do 4 different exercises (including jump squats) in a downward ladder. All four exercises 25 times, then all four exercises 24 times .... for 45 minutes.

So anyway, I felt great minus yesterday's disaster of an eating day; the endorphins were pumpin' strong. And then I decided to do spinning before an extraordinarily hard TRX class.

So that's why, I'm blogging from the grave.

I died.



Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work girl! I had never heard of TRX before, but it sounds like a great workout!!


Aly @ Analyze This said...

I LOOOOOVE TRX straps!!! What gym do you go to? Butlers? You really need to come to a bootcamp class with me! I know you would love it!!

Keep it up girl!!!! :) Proud of you!!!

Mariel Torres said...

That's awesome! Never heard of it but I would love to do this. Your closing line made me laugh though... you are funny girlfriend!