Monday, December 5, 2011

A gift that keeps on giving.

When I was in high school, I spent one lunch a week at a local elementary school with my little sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters, N.

N & I were sisters for 2 years before I graduated & then, she became my mom's little sister.

It's kind of cool how it has all progressed. I was only allowed to visit N. during my lunch hour at her school and we would play games or hang out on the playground. Now that my mom has her, they're "community based", so she picks her up on Saturday mornings and they usually go to breakfast and then do whatever N wants to do. Sometimes that means coming back home and playing Wii or sometimes its going to the library. Either way, they spend time together & hopefully its making an impact on N.

N is in 6th grade now & she has an older sister, J, who's a freshman in high school and sometimes comes with N & my mom.

They were at my house recently and I was getting ready to go somewhere. I was all dressed, putting on makeup when J came in and was watching me intently. Then, she asked me to pluck her eyebrows & asked if she could use some of my face wash. I was shocked when she asked me how to use it, because she had never used face wash before.

That's when I got the idea to have a Mary Kay party and use the free product I collected from it to buy hygiene products like face wash (and maybe some light makeup) for these two girls. 

So, if you're a Mary Kay user or know someone who is, please purchase some product from my consultant, Chatney. You buying products means these girls can be clean. I mean really, that's what it means. 

Why not do something you were going to do anyway and spread some cheer at the same time? 

Want to order? Go here, order, and put Ali Hendricks in the comment section. 

It's so easy & means a lot to me. I promise, on Christmas day, it will mean a lot to these girls too. 


Beth Noblitt said...

This is so thoughtful Ali!!

Megan said...

Ali, you're such a sweetheart. And I think I've told you this before, but I think it's great that you and your mom are so active in BBBS- I'm sure you're making an even bigger impact on those girls' lives than you imagine.

P.S. Chatney is awesome! I bought some Mary Kay from her last spring. Depending on how my money situation works out over the next couple weeks, I may get ahold of her to buy a little something. :)

♥Jess said...

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