Friday, December 30, 2011

Calamity Jane .. er .... Drew.

I know I've been kind of a terrible blogger lately, but let me just tell you about my Tuesday to help you understand why blogging has been put on the back burner, to say the least.


Drew got me a beautiful watch for Christmas, but it needed some links taken out of it so Mom & I headed up to Indianapolis to get it done. I also got some GapBody yoga pants that I LOVE. I'm a connoisseur of yoga pants and I'm telling you, if you're looking for some, GapBody is the place. It was a fun day of shopping. Or uh ... window shopping mostly. 

We had been invited to a baby shower for a distant relative that night and didn't think we were going to make it. But somehow? We ended up making the hour and fifteen minute trip from the north side of Indy home in 45 minutes. We scurried off to the Carter's outlet, picked up a gift & went to the shower. I was so glad we made it because all of my other family was sick that day and only 3 people showed up. Whew!

Tuesday night .... calamity hit. 

One of my friends had a rather large party Tuesday night.

Drew and I drove separately, he came with his friends and I met mine there. We talked a little but mostly, we were doing our own things. I was working the crowd and the music and he was with the guys.

 I had not intended to stay but as the night went on, I decided I was going to stay and had only gone and put my purse, watch and jacket (prized possessions) in the car a few minutes before I was standing at our friend's island talking to him and people ran in holding Drew's head saying he had fallen and busted it. There was blood running profusely down his neck.

 Luckily, blood doesn't really bother me and I was still pretty much sober so I grabbed a towel off the floor and pressed it to his head while the guys were telling me he definitely needed stitches. 

As always happens, there were tons of people around so I handed the towel and his head off to someone else and went out to call his mom. He definitely needed medical attention and I wasn't going to risk driving after even a small drink to take him. His mom said she would get shoes on and come.

While I was outside people came out yelling at me, as they always do, not to call his mom. They said he was saying he didn't want his mom to come. What I knew? is that he had no clue what he needed and I did. 

They brought Drew with them and he was just talking like a crazy person about how he was fine, he didn't need his mom, he was just going to walk to the end of the driveway to meet her, etc.

Now, I've never had much experience with a concussion and didn't know he had one so I thought he was just acting like that out of emotion and I was pissed. 

He was running away from me ... yelling at me .. etc. And I was yelling back. I told him I had drank before and I always knew what I was doing and I was just trying to help him so why was he trying to run away from me??

Eventually, I got him in my car to wait for his mom. Mistake of the freakin century. So, I was sitting in the drivers seat talking to him, and he was in the passenger when he jerked away from me. I grabbed his arm because I thought he was trying to get away from me again. 

What I didn't know? He was throwing up. 

Well, I found out pretty quick when I heard it his my passenger door. Apparently, he had hit the lock getting in and couldn't figure out how to get the door open. So, I did what any normal person would do and jumped out of the car and around to his side trying to get the door open. Well, I took too long because before I knew it he had flung himself over to my side and tossed his cookies all over my side and out the door.

Okay you guys, I can do blood any day, but puke? No. 

I was gagging as I ran inside to get someone and told them I needed help, that he had just thrown up all over my car. 

I was even more pissed then because I still didn't know he had the concussion and that was the reason for puking. I thought it was because he drank too much. And I have no tolerance for that.

When I finally went back outside, people were consoling him and he was yelling, "that was the worst feeling ever! I had to throw up and she wouldn't. open. the. door.

Looking back now, it's pretty funny but there was nothin funny about it then. 

Shortly there after, his mom showed up and I hopped in her car all while holding my ears with the window down in 30 degree weather because he was throwing up the whole way into town. 

He managed to get a shower and throw up for a couple more hours before we took him to the Emergency Room. We weren't sure what the protocol was for someone injured who had maybe, also been partying a little. We didn't know if that would be an issue. So we waited awhile.

It became harder and harder to wake him up after he would fall asleep every two minutes so I demanded it was time to take him.

He ended up with an IV, a catscan and 7 stitches in the back of his head. By 4 a.m., I was back in my bed at home; the end of an eventful night.

But that wasn't the end of the calamity. No siree

I left my puke covered car out at my friends house that night and as I left, they all promised they would clean it out. I knew they wouldn't.

So, the next morning, I had to go out to a puke covered, blood stained car and clean it. 

I will spare you the details, but Drew does not eat light I promise you that and apparently, his dinner that night was no exception. My car was covered.

All by my lonesome, I cleaned that baby out with clorox wipes. Call me crazy, but I think I deserve some kind of medal or something. It was a nightmare. 

Finally, yesterday, we found someone to detail it so $80 later, my carpet isn't stained orange and hopefully, the smell is gone forever. 

So anyway, I'm sorry for being an absent blogger but that was only one of the events of the last week.



Courtney B said...

Holy crap. That was quite a night! I would be so mad and frustrated too... I definitely get like that when I don't understand fully what's going on. I am so sorry about the puke and blood...SO nasty. But it sounds like you handled the situation SO well considering everything that happened! I hope this weekend is much better for you :)

Amanda said...

Geez woman! You've had one heck of a few days! Hopefully Drew is okay!

Mrs. Mama said...

o to the m g.

what a night girlfriend, what a night.

The Cavallaro's said...

Oh my goodness.... Good for you girl! What a night.... Hopefully, your card doesn't smell anymore!