Saturday, November 26, 2011

... and we hung the stockings with care ...

Well guys, I've been away from this little old blog for 3 days. But you already knew that because you missed me so much you were keeping track, right?

Knew it.

Anyway, it's been an eventful three days around here, that's why I haven't blogged. I don't believe in forcing myself to write because then the words just don't flow and nobody wan't to read anyway. So when I need a little break, I take it. I took one these last three days.

Wednesday night there was a Butler basketball game at home. My sweet roommate, Ashley, let my dad & I sit in her family's front row seats for the game. He & I don't hang out very often and when we do we usually just go out to eat so the basketball game was a nice change and we had so much fun!

Take One

Take Two

We were sitting so close that one of the Butler players landed in my lap when he couldn't stop running on the court & jumped over the people sitting on the court to avoid injury. It was a pretty scary experience if I do say so myself. Plus, my jeans were all sweaty afterwards where he had landed on me. Sick. 

Thanksgiving was fabulous and I really did feel overwhelmingly blessed as cliche as it sounds. All of our family came to our house & my mom cooked a massive meal.

After my family left, I went over to visit my best friend, Megan, & her baby. It's so fun for me to see Megan, who I grew up with, be a momma. She's great at it. It was a good way to top off the day, being thankful for friends & family.

Yesterday was for workouts, naps and left-over eating. Oh, and my mom came home from an oil change at the car dealer ship with a brand new red Tahoe. It's gorgeous. We're naming her Ruby, maybe. 

Last night, we put up the Christmas decorations. Scratch that. I put up the Christmas decorations. We have 5 HUGE totes of Christmas decorations so it took my mom & I to get those down. She put the tree up too, but after that? She bounced. I kind of liked putting up everything myself though because I only put out about half of those five boxes to reduce clutter. Because clutter? Stresses me out. Big time.


 My new ornament for this year.

Mom's new ornament ... she loves squirrels. Like makes everyone come look when there's one outside on the telephone line.

Another new one this year. Just a hint: all the ornaments I pick have lots of glitter on them. 

He's not new but what's not to love about that sweet snowman face?



We read these cloth Christmas books a lot when I was little. Now they just sit under the tree until our kids come along and want to read them.

From underneath the tree.

I just love this.

I moved some things around but anyway, it looked like this at one point.

So here I sit, in a fully decorated house that isn't too cluttered and in which each Christmas decoration has its own spot. 

Each year, I think I get more sentimental. As if that's even possible. Just running past lit houses while the sun was going down last night made my heart so full and happy knowing, hoping, there were happy families inside. 

I can't wait for all the memories this Christmas season has to offer and I remain thankful for the memories I have this far.


Caitlin Cavallaro said...

Love your decorated casa! My MIL gives us a new ornament every year too!

Megan said...

Your house and all of your Christmas decorations are beautiful! You did a great job, Ali. And your momma is so pretty. I remember I saw her at one of the Neighborfests downtown over the summer when I was volunteering with the Arts Council. Didn't say anything because she would have no idea who I am, but I definitely recognized that pretty face from your pictures :) Glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

Tracy @ Honey and Nutmeg said...

I LOVE that you posted about your Christmas tree and favorite ornaments because I definitively want to do the same ASAP!

Sarah B. said...

Pretty tree! I love all the ornaments you have!

Unknown said...

Ali, what a wonderful post! I loved it. Your home {outside your dorm} is beautiful. Happy Beginning of Christmas! :)