Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What do you think?

Hey guys, not too much of an exciting post round these parts today. I'd simply just like to ask what you think of guest posts.

Sometimes I'd like to have some of my favorite bloggers do a little guest posting for me but I've heard mixed reviews. I like it every now & then because I learn about new bloggers that I may not have found otherwise & I've heard from others that they read the blog for the blogger so they'd rather not hear from someone else.

what do you think??

Also, geemanychristmas with the sponsor posts. I'm about to not read anyone who does sponsored posts 75% of the time & writes about life only the other 25%. 

Thats so annoying. 



1 comment:

Melissa (@melissary) said...

I think doing a few here and there is okay, but I agree, I definitely follow blogs to read that specific blogger. I recently had a couple on mine because I was out of town and not able to post myself, and I think that worked out well. If I did any more of them, it will probably be a month+ down the road!