Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh Hey Tuesday

I honestly can't believe it's already Tuesday! Wasn't it just Friday night??

This weekend was an absolute blast! 

I haven't talked about Drew on here in quite some time but he was a big part of the weekend so I should say we've been hanging out more & working hard on making it work - me on being more lenient, he on being more pro-active. I'd chalk it up to a success.

Drew lives in a house on Butler's campus, so I took some of my best girl friends over there friday night to hang out with his friends. We danced on the pool table, played with their dogs and sang our hearts out before heading out on campus. 

It was the first time Drew had ever gone out with me at Butler and it was fun.

Saturday morning, I jumped in the car and went home. I didn't tell anyone I was coming, I just went & was sitting on the couch in my living room within an hour and asleep in my mommas bed in 2. We went to a party at the lake before I came back to Butler. Sometimes a girl just needs her home and her momma and her dogs. and that sometimes is a lot for me.

Saturday night was much like Friday but my good friend Erica came up to hang out with me and the girls. She and Ashley hit it off right away just like any of my good friends should, you know, because they're all awesome. 

Sunday was for recovering.

& that my friends, is the makings of a fabulous weekend.

ps. I'm going to really try to be better at blogging. Life is so busy & I'm having more fun this year which means less time for ye ole' blog.

pss. I've also been slacking on tweeting which makes me very sad but as the promotions director for Butler's newspaper, I'm in charge of tweeting for it so I don't have as much time for personal tweets. 


If you know any ummm how do I say this? wealthyyoungmenwhowouldloveagirllikeme ... send em' my way ... I don't wanna do school anymore.



Miss Chelsea said...

I like your endnote, searching for a suga poppa! hah

Amanda said...

Someone had a blast! And I like the mini note at the end, if I knew one, I'd be sure to send him your way ;)