Thursday, September 15, 2011

Doing what feels right

I'm a big believer in doing what feels right.

Yes, there are times when you should hold back and maybe follow your head instead of your heart but the majority of the time? I think your heart should reign.

I know that if I don't take a nap I can use that hour for more productive things like homework or even spending time with my friends, but I also know that if I take a nap, I'm a happier person and usually even more productive than I would be without one.

Massages are expensive. They're really expensive if you're in college like me, but sometimes I just know I need one. I can feel my back tightening up & the stress surmounting and I know that while I could better justify that $60 for groceries or gas, I really need that massage. 

Last night, I knew the last 2 days had been all out of sorts. I had weird eating patterns, I had slept too much, I hadn't worked out enough, I'd been half-assing a lot of things & I knew it was time to change it before I had a breakdown about doing nothing. 

So I set my alarm for 8 this morning, 3 hours before my first class started & headed to the gym. 

I walked out into crisp, 50 degree weather & lots of sunshine. That little bite from the cold and the gorgeous sun were the start to a really productive day that I needed. The 45 minute walk I did made it even better.

I'd by lying if my head wasn't like, "stay in bed, skip that workout" when the alarm went off at 8, but my heart was saying, "go, you need this" & I'm so glad I went. I did need it.

Today has been fabulously, fall-like and happy. I've gotten more done than I do usually in 2-3 days and I've been happy while doing it.

After dinner with some friends tonight, I'm heading home to my safe haven to see my mom & aunt who just flew in from Texas. Yes, I'm skipping one class tomorrow but I really want to go & my heart is telling me, skipping one class that happens 3 times a week is worth being so happy at home. 

So off I go. 

Do you listen to your heart a lot? Do you force yourself to do things often?? It's a tough line to walk, how do you handle it?


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