Monday, September 19, 2011

Adjust, Focus, Shoot.

I skipped my one class Friday morning and headed home Thursday night for a long weekend that I imagined would be relaxing and fun.

Well it was fun, but I need another weekend to recover from the craziness that was this one.

Friday was the day Megan asked me to be in her wedding & I got to love on her baby too, it was a much needed lunch. You know those kinds? With old friends when you feel like you could stay all day?

That night I made dinner for my aunt and uncle and baked Chelsea's girlfriend cookies too. Oh, and ate like 25 of them.

Saturday morning I flung myself out of bed at 8:50 realizing I had only 25 minutes to get to my chiropractor appointment 20 minutes away. 

That's how the whole day went.

I had scheduled 2 photo shoots for the day and realized 10 minutes before the first one that my camera was dead & I left the charger at school. 

Rookie Mistake.

After rescheduling the first one and making a few frantic trips to Radio Shack for a universal charger, I got the 2 shoots done & had so much fun doing them. 

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, I honestly couldn't have picked something better if I tried.

The first shoot I did was the sweetest (& cutest) senior, Bri. We were together for nearly 5 hours but got some awesome shots I think we can both be really proud of.

After 5 hours with Bri, I shot some photos of a little family I thought were really deserving of some good pictures so I approached them. 

Could these baby dolls be any cuter? 

The smallest one said, "Look at me! I'm so pretty" She was right. She is so pretty. and so, so sweet.

The weekend concluded on Sunday night with a 3 hour dinner with my cousin who I only see once or twice a year. 

It was a long, crazy, lovely weekend.



Anonymous said...

Great photos. Ali!

Amanda said...

Amazing photos! Looks like you had a busy, yet productive weekend! Very impressed :)

Lauren said...

Great pictures!!! :) You did a great job!

Amanda Marshall said...

such sweet photos, Ali!

Whitney Tomlin said...

love your blog! i'm a new follower :)