Monday, August 1, 2011


I'm a passionate girl. When I get an idea, when I find something I love, I run with it & don't look back. 

Recently, photography has become one of my loves, one of my passions. 

I found a blog post written by a local photographer yesterday in which all of the reasons I love photography were captured. 

She talked about how one of her friends whom she had recently done a photo session with was in a car accident with her family & her husband was killed in it. 

Luckily, her friend had recently had some photos taken of she & her husband & their two small boys. 

That's all they have now.

& that is the reason I love photography.

Not because death is a sure fate for all of us, but because life is speeding by ever more quickly each day. 

If I were a momma, I'd never want to forget the chicken legs of my newborn & the way his face looked when he screamed because although those days seem so long I'm sure, all too quickly they're gone & it's easy to forget.

I'd want to remember what my 6-year-old looked like with some teeth missing & an awkward haircut because it wouldn't be long until I was taking prom pictures. 

I'd want to remember how my parents played & looked at my children and how my husband nurtured my little girl; those moments are quickly fleeting.

If I were newly engaged, I'd never want to forget how my husband made me feel in the early stages of our relationship. 

If I were getting married I'd want to remember every detail of the day from my toes to my fingernails & everything in between. 

I love photography because it's the only way to freeze a moment in time & remember days that are all too quickly forgotten.

& I want to be able to do that for other people. I want to be able to capture every little detail so they never forget. 

I love photography.


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Laura said...

That's exactly what it's about!! My goal is not to learn how to perfectly pose a person (the technical stuff) because I find that in doing that you lose who the person truly is. So I pose a little bit but mostly I just encourage them to be. :)

I love walking into someone's home and seeing a photo I took in a frame.