Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guest Post: "Good Friends are Like Gold"

My second guest poster for the week is Kenli from Just Peachy.

When I started reading blogs (which is what I did before I decided to write) I read a ton of mommy-blogs & while I enjoy mommy-blogs, I'm not a mommy & I really wanted to find some blogs written by girls my age.

It took awhile, but finally I found Kenli's blog & I'm so glad I did. It's crazy how similar our lives are & now we've all but hung-out. We text, we tweet, we do it all! & I love her.

I think you will too.

Without further adieu .... Kenli!

hello loves! it's kenli from, "Isn't That Just Peachy" taking over for a hot second while miss ali is out enjoying a wonderful little vacation!
(raise your hand if you're jealous, too!)

i didn't want to take over this pretty little space with random musings of my recent failure of a near 1,095 day (that's three years in case you don't want to pull out the calculator) relationship or with pictures of my wonderful new roomie and i having a blast in our cozy little apartment, so i struggled to figure out what exactly i was going to write.

then i realized something... i don't have to complain about the ex. i don't have to slap up pictures of us running around the backyard doing headstands while singing "bruises" by chairlift. (p.s. download that song... it will never get out of your head.)

what i will write about, though, is the epiphany i recently had about the value of having wonderful friends. 

wonderful friends with all different personalities, that is.

it's weird, my roommate and i are almost exactly the same people, but we both handle our emotions differently. we both get pissed off at the boys who we once said "i love you" to on a daily basis (who just happen to be best friends), but she stops there. i have the water works and the sick to my stomach crap - the whole shabang. hannah, though, she is the funniest person i know and she keeps me grounded. i know that when i'm with here i need to just buck up and rant, not cry and feel sorry for myself. 

my best friend, stephanie, is the one who i can whine and cry to and she is there to talk smack and make me feel 100% better about myself. don't get me wrong, i still care deeply about t, i just think it's the thing best friends do - make a fool out of ex boyfriends. we're both dealing with the situation, so that makes it all the better because we can relate. this girl goes through the same ups and downs that i do and it's rather creepy considering that she lives 6 hours away in kansas. 

of course, there's the going out friends, too. the ones that i would never spill secrets too, but share some drinks and a little gossip with. those are wonderful friends to have, but you also have to know where to draw the line. (and when to stop sharing drinks so that you don't cross that line.)

then, there's the guys. oh, the guys. i have the greatest guy friends in the world. i think every girl needs a wonderful group of guys - most of the time they're much more trustworthy than girls. (except for that situation where one of your closest guy friends is also your ex-boyfriends best friend and your roommates ex-boyfriend, therefore making him hate you and do everything in his power to make you feel like a p.o.s. for no reason other than he's not the saint everyone thinks he is. oops, did i let all of that slip!?) i moved to my "hometown" when i was in 5th grade and i've been close to the same guys the entire time because we live relatively close to each other. on most occasions i would rather sit around with the guys and shoot the breeze. they are so much less dramatic and annoying in my opinion and they also share my horribly sarcastic sense of humor that would probably make most girlies cringe. (hannah fits in great here, too) 

i think it's so important to have friends that fit each of the roles that are important in your life. also, cherish them always. it's been an emotional week for me and it's really shined the light on how great these people truly are, but it's important to keep that in mind even when everything is smooth sailing. i think this especially rings true for our lovely lady, ali, after the tragic events that took a friend of hers. make sure to tell them you love them, you appreciate them, and that they mean the world to you.


christine donee said...

friends are overrated.


I don't know what I would do or where I would be without a great support system of friends...

Summer Athena said...

kenli, i adore you!