Thursday, July 28, 2011

The best damn $20 I've ever spent

You know what they say .... 

we're out of the 80's, but every girl likes some volume & the older I get, the flatter my hair gets.

No bueno. 

I had been going to a hairstylist in Indy that I loved but she was $50 a trim. As much as I loved her, I couldn't justify paying that and driving up to Indy during the sumer to do it so I decided to go back to the girl I've used at home before. 

I was just in for a regular trim with sydney, the girl at home, when she showed me the life changer.

Sydney always has super volumized, gorgeous hair & I'm always asking if people round-brush their hair because I cannot, for the life of me, do it. 

Naturally, I asked her & she said yeah, she used a Revlon round-brush-hairdryer. 

She showed it to me, seemed pretty convincing & it was only $20 so I decided I needed to go to Target that day & get it. 

Which I did. 

My mom was all giggly when I showed it to her because she knew I'd get it stuck in my hair - I've done it tons of times & tons of times she's spent hours trying to set round-brushes free from my hair.

I was determined.

& thank god I was because the result after using that round-brush-hairdryer? FREAKIN AMAZING.

I'm talkin volume out the wazoo, curled under ends, Gorgeous hair. 

The brush doesn't spin so it's pretty hard to get it tangled in your hair but it does blow out a stream of hot air & have 2 different attachments - a larger barrel & a smaller one. 

After just one time of using the round-brush-haidryer I was totally hooked & even brought my neighbor over to see it I was so excited. 

ps. Now my mom loves it & is frantically searching for one to have at home when I take mine back to college in 2 weeks! 

If you love the look of round-brushed hair but are incapable of holding the dryer while spinning the round-brush, try this! You'll never use a regular hair dryer again! 



Amanda said...

buying immediately. you look fab!

Caitlin said...

Um hello. Tell that girl thank you because she just saved another person from the nastiness that is flat hair. I will be buying this pronto.

Anonymous said...


Amanda said...

I think I need this!!!

Caitlin C. said...

Your hair looks great... I was skeptical about how well these worked but I definitelyyyy think I need one now :)