Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The House That Built Me

Right around the same time my parents separated, we found out my beloved Nan had cancer. It was both a disaster and a blessing. It was a disaster because the 2 things that had always been constant in my life, Nan & my parents marriage, were quickly falling apart but it was blessing because when my Dad left here, he moved in with her. 

Because of Dad living with Nan, we were able to keep her at home until she died. I'm sure Nan wouldn't have lived as long as she did if she would've had to spend her last few months in the hospital or Hospice.  If there's anytime one should be content, I think it's at the end of her life.  

After Nan passed away, Dad bought the house & he lives there now. 

I don't spend much time with my dad but when I do it's usually at that house. The cookout we had together for Father's Day was there this weekend.

As soon as I walk in, I'm nostalgic. The house has lost the smell of her & there are a few pieces of furniture that have been given to my cousins but mostly, everything in the house sits exactly as it did when Nan was alive. 

The pictures of Nan's dogs haven't moved & the cookie jar sits empty yet un-touched.

I walk into her room & remember us getting dolls out of her closet for me to play with & putting our bathingsuits on to swim together.

I go into the family room & even though it's bare now, I see it filled with glistening presents and gingerbread-clad little Christmas trees just as it was so for so many years.

The room that is Dad's now is where I played pet store with Nan from the time I was old enough to walk until I started middle school. Not really, but close. 

Who knows what will happen in the future, so while I was there on Sunday I took some pictures of that tiny house that I love so much.

I never want to forget it. For now though, I won't have to.

I can walk through anytime I want & re-live all of my childhood memories & feel Nana there with me.

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Kenli said...

i love that you take so many pictures. i need to start doing this. i always regret it after it's far too late!