Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ralph Lauren

I have watched Oprah for as long as I can remember. 

My mom wasn't ever really into Oprah because she always had to work when it was on & I didn't know anyone who watched it back then so I'm not sure how I got hooked on it, but I did.

The fact that she is going off the air in only 7 more shows honestly makes me want to cry.

In fact, I probably will cry when the last one airs.

It's sad!! 

However, I think the most recent shows have seriously been some of her best.

If anyone knows how to go out with a bang, it's Oprah.

I especially loved the show today, Oprah's interview with Ralph Lauren.

The Ralph Lauren brand is something I just really love. I mean, I've never really had the money for anything but outlet pieces, but I still love it.

Ralph Lauren is sophistication in a brand. 

& I love to be pretend I'm sophisticated. 

One time when my mom & I were shopping in Chicago, we stopped in the Ralph Lauren store. The store in Chicago is divided into sections by floors like, one floor for women's clothes, one for men's & one for home goods, etc.

My mom picked up a pair of pants she liked & they were $900!!! Needless to say, we walked out empty-handed, but it was still fun to be there. 

& the home section was seriously to die for. 

Oprah did her interview today at Ralph Lauren's ranch & I fell in love.

The man is so sweet. or at least I think he is.

His house was absolutely gorgeous & his wife & kids are fabulous.

 So now I want my house to look like a Ralph Lauren ad & to name my future daughter Dylan.

Dylan Lauren


krystal said...

I love names like Dylan and Ryan for girls! :)

Megan said...

I also love the name Dylan for a girl. So pretty!