Friday, April 15, 2011

The Josie Maran Giveaway

Happy Friday chickadees! (and guys too)

I promised that I would tell you how much I love the Josie Maran things I won & now that I've tried them all, I can do just that.

I only signed up to win one thing but as you know, when the package came, there were 4 prizes inside!! 

Since I couldn't afford all of these things, I'll tell you about the 2 I like the most.

The first thing I love, and actually won, is the eye-shadow pallet. It's filled with 8 different beautiful colors that are shimmery & long-lasting. Love it. 

My second most favorite thing (actually probably a tie for the eye shadow) is the color stick. It smells amazing  & looks great. I haven't tried it on my lips yet, but it gives me that after-run glow when I haven't even ran! It's not sticky or gross, but creamy & blends well. I'll probably buy the color stick in the full size when the small one I got runs out.

So there you go, ladies! My 2 favorite things from the sweet giveaway I won! 

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