Monday, March 7, 2011

Pilates baby!

It's McFatty Monday over at The Heir to Blair, and although I'm not trying to loose a ton of weight but I should be, I wanted to put my two-sense in on the day & on working out. Plus, I had 2 really awesome workouts this weekend that I am excited enough about to want to share.

Toogie, my roommate, had to be up super early on Saturday morning and so I woke up fairly early too, thanks in part to going to bed ridiculously early the night before.

I decided that since I had eaten such a decadent meal the night before, I should get my booty to the gym. After scouring the class schedule I decided to go to the 10 o'clock Pilates class.

 Holy Moly you guys, I now vow to never skip another pilates class. There's a difference between a Pilates class & a good one & this one? Was freakin' awesome . The girl that teaches at Butler worked for a whole year to get certified & is absolutely fabulous. By yesterday, I could feel my abs all the way down past the top of my pants. & that's the hardest part to reach.

If you've never tried Pilates before, GO! 

It's the best low-impact workout you can do, in my opinion. Of course, coupled a couple days of Cardio too. If you have tried Pilates & didn't love it, try another instructor & remember that there are lots of variations for the exercises. I cant even do some of them & I work out a lot.

The other thing I've recently discovered is that I love walking on the treadmill. I have tried running. & I can knock out a mile, maybe 2 if I really try, but that's it. I don't love it. However, I've recently learned that I burn just as many, if not more, walking at a quick pace at an incline. It's really good for toning & gets my heart pumping too.

So what am I saying? Try Pilates & walking at an incline? Yes. But also, there is a workout you will like, maybe even love, to do. So keep trying. Don't give up. Push yourself a little, but try to enjoy it too.


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Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

LOVE Pilates. I did them in college & they really whipped me into shape!