Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lots of Words Wednesday

Happy Hump-day bloggers!
... go ahead, laugh, think about humping ... it's funny & we're all a little immature sometimes.

Anyway, it's been a while since I've sat down & just written about whatever comes to mind. Every blog post has a specific topic & that's great (these might even be boring for you), but sometimes it's good to just write. So here we go, I'm going to do this blurb style, 15 minutes of whatever comes to mind.

Last Saturday night, I went to church with my mom & we ended up sitting 2 rows behind my friend's parents, a friend I've had since first grade, a friend I grew up with. After church, her dad came up & asked if I had talked to her in a while. I haven't lately, we go to different schools, she works constantly & we just haven't talked in a while. "Oh, so you haven't heard?" he asked. My mind started racing "shit! why have I been such an absent friend?", I thought, "please God don't let this be something really bad ..." I admitted again that I hadn't heard anything about her & asked what was up. "She's pregnant", he said. My heart sank. You guys know how much I love babies & I even wrote a post about another friend who is an awesome teen mom, but frankly, it's too early. We're not ready. This girl is the last one I would've ever expected to be pregnant, too. She's brilliant, took all honors classes through high school, pays her way through college with a management position at a local store, she's just so ON. He told us that she's due in July & that it's all going to work out. Him saying that, "really all it is, is they did things backwards" (baby first, marriage second) made me feel a little better. It's so true. This girl is still awesome, still brilliant, still a great person, but now she's going to be a mom. 

& I bet you, she'll be better than a lot of moms who are married. 

So now I'm shopping for a little boy who will be here in July!


A few weeks ago, I had a bad product build-up in my hair. It looked dirty no matter how many times I scrubbed it and I was totally frustrated. I didn't know what the heck was up. Finally, my mom suggested that it might be a product build-up & I bought a shampoo in Florida that would strip it, hoping that it would work. Well, it worked MIRACULOUSLY! My hair has never felt better! This is what I used: 

Joico K-Pak reconstructor

I ran on the canal today by Butler. Well, okay, I ran to canal, walked on the canal & then ran up the stairs back to campus. I dressed a little too optimistically & was freezing by the time I got to the canal, but it was still good. I do love a sunny morning, just me & the pavement and the sounds of nature. It's so good. 


I'm thinking about writing a post about my faith. I think you guys would really enjoy it, but I'm not sure I'm ready to pour my heart out. I'm pretty open but there are some things that are just hard to talk about.


I'm working on my group-fitness certification right now on top of classes. I expected something like, "hey, this is how you pick the best music for your class" or "hey, these are some really great exercises for your booty" .... WRONG. It's kicking my butt. I chose not to be a biology major for a reason.


I'm going on a date tonight!! ... it's with Drew, but we don't go out very often so I'm super pumped for tonight. I'm wearing hoops and everything! Woot Woot!


Alright, 15 minutes are over & you know way more about my current-state than you probably want to. Either way, have a happy day! 


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