Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I have really awesome friends

I was just layin in my bed tonight, under my heated blanket, thinking about all of the homework I should be doing tonight but am putting off tomorrow when I heard the Happy Birthday song being sang by my 3 bestie Butler friends, Toogie, Jessie & Emily ... There may have been dancing.

THEN!!!! They handed me a pink-flowerdy present that said it was from all of them and do you know what it was?

It was a CHI!!!!! 

I've had my straightener since 8th grade & it finally stopped working 2 weekends ago. It doesn't really matter when I'm at school because I just use Toogie's Chi, but when I go to Florida & when we don't live together, I'm really going to need one.

I'm so lucky to have awesome friends! I think thats the best part about birthdays, not the presents, but seeing how much you're loved. Such an awesome feeling & I feel so lucky!


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