Friday, February 18, 2011

Fun-Fact Friday

How about some Fun-Facts for this Friday??

I know you're dying to learn more about me!

- I have an extra hole in one of my ears. My mom saw it the day I was born & totally freaked out. She was running down the hall hours after having a C-section. The doctor said it would close up, but it never did. So now I have 2 holes.

- The doctors also said I would be a  special-needs child since I was born nearly 2 months early ... well, I guess you can be the judge on that one.

- I had the mother of all separation anxiety when I was little. Like, I hit my babysitter once because my mom left & the Kindergarten teacher made the class stop singing one song in particular because I cried every single time. It reminded me of my mom.

- My parents finally decided it was time to take me to a therapist in 2nd grade. It took me a while to get used to the guy & then all of the sudden, I stopped going to him. It wasn't until this year that my mom told me it was because during that time, he had a heart attack & died. She obviously couldn't tell me since I had just started to like him & I was seeing him for separation anxiety. & my biggest fear was always that my mom would die.

- I once told my 1st grade teacher that my mom was pregnant when she wasn't. When my mom came to pick me up that day, the teacher told her Congratulations on the pregnancy. Whoops! I just wanted a younger sibling so bad

- In 2nd grade, the teacher was so mean to me, my mom made her cry. But not until that teacher told the whole class to pray for me because I was being "bad" & I was not a bad child.

- In 3rd grade, a girl's mom told the teacher I was a lesbian because I told her daughter to spell I-CUP. It was a joke!! and uh ... I'm the farthest thing from a lesbian today.

- A messy room/house really stresses me out. Bad. but car? forget about it.

- I lose things on a daily basis. I'm currently missing one black Ugg & thats all I know of right now but seriously, ONE. Ugg?? 

That's all for today!
ta-ta for now, lovies.


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Jenni@Story of My Life said...

These made me laugh. You were a slightly dysfunctional child, but I don't judge. I was every bit as bad! Lol!!