Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2 link-up's Wednesday!

I'm attempting to do 2 Wednesday Link-ups because I think they're both super fun. 

Here we go ... 

Who doesn't need a little lovin'? 

... from Jamie ... 


I'm loving ... my roommate. We had some small clashes 1st semester but the break must've been just what we needed because we're back to being 2 peas in a pod. Even when we weren't getting along that well, I knew she was a blessing. 

I'm loving ... my soy latte with 1 pump sugar free vanilla. How does that roll off your tongue? ... There's a girl at Starbucks who makes my lattes unlike anyone else & they are amazing. She was there this morning & I left sad that I had only gotten a Tall because mmmmmmm

I'm loving .... new friends! I've recently started hanging out with some new, great girls & they invited me to dinner on Friday night! Some other girls are going that I don't know yet, so I'm pumped about meeting even more great girls!

I'm loving ... the interval exercise class I did yesterday, "All Out". It was an hour of straight cardio & weights. No breaks included. But I'm feelin sore today, so I know it was good.

I'm loving ... that my 3:50 - 5:00 class got cancelled today. Having a class that late in the afternoon makes for a long day & I don't even like that class very much. I'm pleased.

I'm loving ... the little boy that I started babysitting last week, Milo. He's almost 2 & so good! His momma is home with a newborn & she needs help with Milo during the day. I'm lovin that sometimes I get to hold the new baby, Oliver, and just be in love, too. 


So What! 

... from Shannon ... 


So What If .....

- Sometimes I just really don't wanna be mature about things, and I'm honest about that

- I ruin all of my hard workouts with cookies before &/OR afterwards

- the weekend festivities could be part of the reason I have yet to catch up on sleep & have spent most of the week exhausted

That's all she wrote folks, Link up & tell us What you're Lovin & What you're Sayin' So What to ....

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Caitlin said...

Great things to love today! And I love your first so what, sometimes we just don't want to be mature about some things, and you know, that's ok because we are still young! Hope you have a great day!