Monday, December 20, 2010

Girls of 3NW

Our unit at Butler has the sweetest, cutest RA of all & that's a fact.

She works her booty off sometimes taking 18 hours, plus being in theatre, plus teaching dance classes, plus dabbling in photography & taking head shots for her friends in the theatre department amongst other small projects. & She's always coming up with fun things for our unit to do. 

Basically, she rocks.

Before finals week, she emailed us all asking if we'd be interested in doing a 3NW Christmas photo shoot on the Sunday before finals week. A bunch of us signed up to do it, but it snowed a ton that day & it was so quiet so Jessie, Emily, Toogie & I planned on ditching. We all planned on ditching until like 15 minutes before when we realized that everyone had the same idea and we didn't wanna leave Stephanny totally ditched.

So we put on our outfits (I curled my hair and put on makeup, of course) and we went and took pictures. Steph was right, it was a good break from studying and so much fun! 

These are what came out of the session:

... Jessie, Emily and Sarah patiently waiting for me to arrive ...

 I made it!

 I'm thinkin no one would want to kiss me if I made this face, whatcha' think? 

We had so much fun & now we have great photos from first semester, freshman year!

Thanks Steph!

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Megan said...

These pictures are so cute! Beautiful girls.