Monday, November 1, 2010

Special Touches

When I began thinking about what my dorm room would look like, I tried to think of things I could do that would really make it feel like home.

It doesn't take much for a room to feel like home & I knew that if I was going to spend so much time in my dorm room, I'd want it to feel good.

I think I was pretty successful.

When I step back & look at it (when it's clean) I feel really proud of it & a lot of times I even tell Toogie how cute our room is!

Well the other day, the room was clean so I thought I'd snap some pictures of the special touches I have in here, some of my favorite things:

I love my bed!
I mean, it could probably be a lot more comfy if I added some kind of pad on top of the mattress but I could sleep on a rock so that part doesn't matter to me.

But I just LOVE this bedspread! I begged my mom for it & even though it was a little pricey, she got it! I'm so glad she did, it's beautiful!

& my Brookstone Nap blankets make it that much better.

I also like how organized it looks underneath & I love my calendar & necklaces hanging by it.

Little pieces of me.

whoops, looks like I got the border color wrong.

This night stand is another favorite of mine.
It's so ghetto-fab but I LOVE it!
You know what it is?
Three plastic drawers from Target with a piece of custom cut glass on top!
It's great.
I put pictures under the glass & on top of it I have some of my very favorite things: my heated blanket control, my ihome, a quote in my grandmas handwriting in a frame & a picture of my mom and I.
It's perfect.

This is my last favorite thing, but these are in no particular order.
It's my desk.
I have all of my books on it & a bunch of picture frames of my family & my best friends.
My macbook sits on it most of the time as well as my camera, coffee & almonds.
Oh yeah, and my medicines & water bottles.

So there you have it! Some of my favorite things in my dorm room.
Do you have some special little touches in your house that you love??
Write a post about it & then comment & leave a link.
I'd love to see the special spots in your home!

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Megan said...

Your dorm is so cute! It definitely seems very homey and very "you" :) I haven't taken any pictures of my apartment here in Evansville yet... but this post has definitely inspired me to get on that, haha