Monday, October 25, 2010

Lovely Monday!

I swear, the last month has been one HARD month.
Between adjusting to living at college (moving past the honeymoon stage with it & realizing that sometimes its tough), being sick for nearly a month, & dealing with a really sick grandpa & a really struggling mom, this month has just been rough.
& yesterday was probably the roughest of all.
I cried & cried & cried & laid in bed a lot & then got a really bad stomach ache & then had to spend the evening in the math lab.

SO .... today, I woke up deciding that no matter what, today was going to be fabulous.
& guess what? It has been.

I started off the day taking a math test.
By the end of it, I was shaking & a total hot mess, it was one of those, but I think I did okay on it & I knew I had a workout coming soon so it was okay.

I went to the gym & got an awesome workout in & also found an abandoned People magazine that was new for this week.
I love magazines, but I don't buy them often because they're expensive & a quickly fleeting enjoyment.

I came back to my dorm, finished up some homework for the next class, got cleaned up & made some lunch.

My second class of the day is Writing for Print Media. I don't think I've blogged about it, but that class rocks me almost every time. It dominates everyone. The professor is a well known, award winning writer and also, a hard ass. I've cried to her. yeah, cried.

But today? She read one of my stories out loud & said it was so professional that she had to look over it again to see if it was really a 112 student that had written it.
She also asked me to write for The Collegian, Butler's newspaper.

I turned it down for now because I have so much going on, but told her I would be interested next semester.

Such an awesome compliment!

After class, I skipped back to my dorm, cleaned it up, read my magazine & now I'm blogging. If I finish all of my homework & have a successful PR meeting tonight, it will be the perfect day!

How has your Monday been?

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Brittany said...

That is so awesome about your story! Nice job :)