Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The perfect day!

Last weekend was the first weekend that I've stayed at school and haven't had non stop pre planned activities so, Saturday was an open door of opportunities for Toogie & I.

I of course, was up by 9:30 but she was sound asleep until 12:30. It was actually kind of nice to be up early because I just laid in bed and read and then tried to fall back asleep. When she woke up we watched some Gator Football (I thought I had moved past this since I won't be going over to drew's while football is on) because she is obsessed. It was actually pretty funny to hear her yelling at the team like the little girl in Remember the Titans. We ate lunch in our room and put jeans and t-shirts on to tackle the absolutely gorgeous 70 degree day.

Our first stop was Broadripple. The jackpot of all jackpots caught our eye: Ragarama! a cute little B-rip consignment shop. I got three things for Drew for 40 dollars and they're all really nice! Good thing his birthday is coming up!

After a good hour spent there, we headed out to see what else we could find and we found the second jackpot of the day: Red Mango!

Frozen Yogurt & Newman's O's
I'm convinced that there is absolutely no better frozen yogurt!
If you have one close by, go, go, go!

We left Broadripple with the hopes of finding Toogie, my little floridian ballerina, a winter coat. It's something she's never needed before but now does. We went to the mall in search of the perfect pea coat, but we didn't find it. It's virtually impossible to find a high wool count coat at a reasonable price.

HOWEVER, don't be alarmed. I did a great amount of damage at Sephora, as usual and I feel like my skin looks better than it ever has.

Since we left the dorm so late, we didn't get back to campus until 8:00. We topped the day off with some super greasy pizza and while Toogie went and watched some Friends episodes, I went and got fratty. I met some super cool Delt guys!

All in all, Toogie and I had a fabulous day together & for the millionth time? I'm SO thankful for her!

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