Sunday, August 8, 2010

Today, Drew left me for Marian.

... No! Not the girl Marian, the college Marian!

:: Gotcha! ::

Last night, I spent the night with him & he was super nervous about going today. Drew is a mama's boy to say the least & he was also nervous about not being the "big guy" on the football field anymore. Would he get pushed around??

He left with his parents & sisters about 10:30 because it is an hour away and they only had from 12 - 2 to move him in. He took A LOT of food, some clothes, bedding, shower stuff ... you know the norm EXCEPT, he also took a love seat & small coffee table because what would a dorm room be without & TV and sitting area? (He had to leave his 48" flat screen at home). And although he was nervous last night, he seemed to be doing okay today. I knew he would be fine after he got there. Anticipation is the worst part.

After his parents left, it was the first of the football testing & the beginning of 2 weeks of 2 - a - days & football from 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. They're gonna make men out of these boys!! I was really proud to hear that our running has paid off though & he ran the mile in a minute under the required time and was one of the first five guys done. I know that totally took a load off of his shoulders. Now they're in "meetings" and have already been told that any player can be let go at anytime. Needless to say, he's going to be working his hardest.

Having Drew at Marian, only 5 minutes from Butler makes me feel a little less nervous about going to school & a lot more excited! Hopefully his anxiety will have subsided by then & he can help me to feel better (in the one hour that I will maybe get to see him a couple nights).

He's got a TV there, his football garb & his chicken patties ... now all he's missing is ME!

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