Friday, August 13, 2010

Saturday To Do

A lot of times I find myself thinking, "hmmmm, I wonder what ____ is doing right now." And just so that you don't think I'm super creepy (but this might make you think I'm even weirder) it's usually about characters from a book that I just finished reading and got really into.
.... That's when I remind myself that they're not real ....
But, admittedly, sometimes I find myself randomly thinking that about a friend or even blogger.
So, just in case you're wondering about me this BEAUTIFUL Saturday...
... Here you go:

  • Getting the oil changed in my car (way way WAY overdue.)
  • Going to Kohls to get down comforter & pillows
  • Going to Target to get a shit ton of stuff for school that I haven't gotten yet. AND A CAMERA!
  • Going to the Aveda salon to get some Be Curly ... It's my favorite thing EVER.
  • Packing like it's my job ... and it kinda is today.
  • Going to a cookout with my neighbors for a going away thing.
  • Sleeping with my mom because A.) my room is too messy to sleep in my bed and B.) because I'm really really gonna miss her.
What are you guys doing today??
Hopefully it's not as crazy as mine but still productive!

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