Sunday, August 29, 2010


99? That's pretty damn old. And also awesome if you make it there in relatively good shape. Today, Drew's sweet great-grandma Dorothy turned 99. I really am in awe of the fact that in one more year, she will have been alive for ONE HUNDRED YEARS!! Oh, the things she must have seen in her time. Drew and I have been dating for a good five years, but I still haven't spent a ton of time with Grandma Dorothy. I'm kind of, actually I'm really regretting that now. At any rate, this woman is the best picture of 99 you could ask for. She still walks with a cane and is obviously still adorable. She even lived alone until about a year ago. Although she is a little hard of hearing, she's still always up for a good conversation and she's just as sweet as sugar. I hope Drew knows (and I think he does) how lucky he is to have such an awesome woman still around.

Happy Birthday Grandma Dorothy! We Love You!

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